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The connection among Tom and Maggie in Books 1 & 2 I think most about the issues with Tom and Maggie's relationship are because of the way that Tom feels that females are mediocre compared to guys. He consequently imagines that Maggie is mediocre compared to him and he shows this in the manner that he treats Maggie. Tom and Maggie both have a solid relationship with their dad so subsequently he could have impacted Tom's considerations. "She'll bring in no way greater cost for that", their father said this, and by it he implies that despite the fact that Maggie is shrewd she won't do any better as respects to marriage. This is an exceptionally chauvinist path for Tom and Maggie's father to discuss Maggie, as though females are just expected to get hitched and produce youngsters and that their knowledge doesn't make a difference. In the event that Tom's father thinks like that it could be from his father that Tom gets his chauvinist nature: "I disclosed to you young ladies couldn't learn Latin", this is one of the most straightforwardly misogynist remarks Tom makes in the book. Tom unequivocally expresses what is on his mind by utilizing cruel words, for example, "told" and "couldn't". This shows how sub-par he feels females are, he stated, "I told you" disdainfully as though he's attempting to state that on the off chance that he said it, it must be correct which isn't the situation. Tom's finished chauvinist disposition is appeared by the word "girls" here he makes speculations regarding any females capacity to learn Latin in spite of the fact that I'm certain that isn't the situation and he just offers the remark simply on account of his misogynist nature. Tom's sexism isn't simply utilized against his sister, he utilizes it to put others down also, "like a girl's: Tom imagined that genuinely pitiable". The sexism Tom is appearing here is by oppressing Philip because of his hair evidently resembling a young ladies. He depicts this as "truly pitiable" which shows how unequivocally he feels. Tom utilizes the word "girl" as an affront as though by considering Philip a young lady he believes he has offended him. This is an extremely chauvinist demeanor, as he shouldn't be oppressing females thusly. At whatever point Maggie acts such that Tom wouldn't, Tom consequently says she acts in that way, as she is a young lady, "girlish method of taking things". This citation is the place Maggie gets unsettled and Tom accuses that for the way that she's a young lady.

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Natural Disasters and Health Care

Effect of Natural Disasters on Health Care Submitted by †Dalton Divakaran MS Health Care Management University of Texas at Dallas Index Introduction Types of Disasters Effects of Disaster on Economy Effect of Disaster on Health Care Organization * Sudden Influx * Damage to Facilities * Inadequately Prepared * Specialty Treatment Availability Effects on the Population * Immediate Health Impact * Long-Term Impacts Steps in Disaster Management * Mitigation * Preparedness * Response * Recovery Real Incident Study * Background: * Immediate Response Considerations: * Evacuation: Special Immediate Concerns: * Recovery Process: * Facility Considerations: * Lessons Learned now in Response/Recovery: * Takeaways from this occurrence: Conclusion References Introduction According to word reference. com Disasters implies â€Å"a catastrophic occasion, particularly one happening out of nowhere and causing incredible death toll, harm, or hardship, as a flood†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Disasters, for exampl e, Earthquakes, torrents, floods, tropical storms, tornados, pandemic infection flare-ups and more can harm any populace and tremendously affect the medicinal services associations that respond.Many social insurance associations face significant difficulties during cataclysmic events. There are a wide range of reasons for those difficulties. As indicated by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, in 2002, global fiascos influenced 608 million individuals and executed more than 24,000. The ongoing catastrophic event in the United States during the current year 2011(May 22, 2011) was the tornado Joplin in Missouri; 160 fatalities were accounted for in this cataclysmic event. Sorts of Disasters I. Catastrophic events E. g. : Avalanches, Earthquakes, Volcanic emissions. II. Hydrological disastersE. g. : Floods, Tsunamis. III. Meteorological catastrophes E. g. : Blizzards, Cyclonic tempests, Droughts, Hailstorms, Heat waves, Tornadoes, Fires. IV. Wellbei ng fiascos E. g. : Epidemics, Famines V. Space calamities E. g. : Impact occasions, Solar flares, Gamma beam burst. VI. Innovative debacles: E. g. : Chemical spills. VII. Complex crises: E. g. : Civil wars and clashes. Impacts of Disaster on Economy Developing nations endure more financial misfortunes than created nations. The basic factor is that, the poor are the ones who endure the most, in both created and creating nations.Although the all out monetary misfortune in dollars is more prominent in created nations, the level of misfortunes comparative with the gross national item in creating nations far surpasses that of created countries. Mechanical fiascos and complex crises are not effectively unsurprising. The significant wellspring of fiascos in the 21st century might be because of quick increment of Technological risks, unregulated industrialization of creating nations and the globalization of the concoction business. Impact of Disaster on Health Care Organization Sudden Influ x * The greatest test after a consequence is to give crisis treatment.The abrupt convergence of patients to an office and the requirement for crisis responders in numerous spots simultaneously puts a strain on the human services associations in the neighborhood. Outside sources like the Red Cross would contribute for help in salvage and alleviation tasks in the next days of the episode. In any case, the obligation of taking care of the underlying crisis care lies with the nearby medicinal services divisions. Harm to Facilities * different impacts of catastrophic event are the lossdegrading of gear and office because of unexpected spray in the patients took care of at the equivalent time.The interest for all conceivable clinical assets is the likelihood that a portion of the assets may not be accessible on account of direct harm from the cataclysmic event itself. For instance floods may disturb power flexibly required to run numerous types of gear at the salvage place. Deficiently Pr epared * Even however territories are increasingly vulnerable to certain cataclysmic events, for example, tremors along a separation point or tornados in the South, they despite everything hit with practically zero notice. This tosses the wellbeing care’s plan strange daily schedule. The office may not be totally arranged for what comes next.Emergency readiness plans improve the odds that the association will have the option to react viably in case of a cataclysmic event, whatever said and done it is never an assurance that when and what size a catastrophe happens. Strength Treatment Availability * Some fiascos are not regular like the tempests, seismic tremors and torrents. Pestilence flare-ups of irresistible infection are something which needs most extreme consideration to prevent them from spreading to the others. It isn't simply to deal with crisis alleviation yet in addition to rapidly and proficiently secure the remainder of the population.It is all the more testing wh en there is no current antibody or known treatment. At this occurrence the job of medicinal services associations turns out to be significantly progressively significant. These associations must work to treat the patients and ensure themselves while labs endeavor to make sense of an approach to prevent the disease from spreading. Consequences for the Population A population’s helplessness to a wide range of fiascos relies upon segment development, settlement in dangerous zones, natural corruption, the pace of urbanization, spontaneous turn of events and environmental change. Destitution flourishes because of absence of access to sound and safe environment.Poor training and mindfulness likewise balances hazard to populace. The impacts of catastrophe on populace can be comprehensively ordered into: 1. Prompt Health Impact 2. Long haul Impacts These are clarified underneath: Immediate Health Impact Short-term misfortunes fall under three classifications that have both immediate and roundabout impacts: I. Handicap, Illness, and Death; II. Direct misfortunes in framework; and III. Misfortune or interruption in human services conveyance. Long haul Impacts It is fundamentally a matter of building institutional capacity and HR, and incorporates: I.Identifying helplessness to normal dangers or different disasters; II. Building straightforward answers for such event later on; III. Starting a changedevelopment among the fundamental elements to build up an essential arrangement that diagrams the duties of each factor in the wellbeing part, distinguishing potential covers or holes and building an accord to make a powerful social insurance framework; IV. Keeping up close coordinated effort with these fundamental variables; and V. Teaching the primary wellbeing responders and administrators to confront the extraordinary difficulties of reacting to disasters.Steps in Disaster Management * Mitigation †To limit the impacts of fiasco. Models: Zoning; Vulnerability in vestigations; Public training. * Preparedness †Planning how to react. Models: Preparedness plans; Emergency works out/preparing; Warning frameworks. * Response †Efforts in limiting the perils made by a calamity. Models: Search and salvage; Emergency help, Finding elective hotspots for alleviation. * Recovery †Restore the network or association to the same old thing. Models: Temporary lodging; Grants; Medical consideration. Relief Preparedness Response RecoveryFig: Phases of Disaster Management Mitigation is to diminish the force of a hazard. Moderation movement diminishes the presumably of a similar debacle reoccurring. It incorporates weakness investigations refreshes; zoning and land use the executives; building use guidelines and security codes; preventive medicinal services; and state funded training. Readiness Preparedness is to have the social insurance team on toes during a crisis circumstance. It is to accomplish a degree of status to deal with any crisis circ umstances. Readiness can take type of instruction of salvage elief during emergencies.This may incorporate practices too. Additionally it assists with guaranteeing an ideal save of medication, food, water, types of gear and different basics kept up for crises. Like relief exercises, readiness activities additionally rely upon the proper measures in national and local improvement plans. Reaction Response is to respond to crisis circumstances to look after life, continue wounds and bolster the spirit of the influenced. It additionally incorporates giving vehicle, impermanent safe house and nourishment for the influenced. Magnanimous associations frequently assume a significant job in this period of the debacle the board cycle.Recovery Recovery is to bring back the influenced populace to ordinary life. Recuperation estimates both short and long haul, incorporate reestablishing existence with least working norm, transitory safe house, remaking and financial effect contemplates . This pe riod carries numerous chances to support counteraction, increment carefulness and in this manner lessening powerlessness. Genuine Incident Study August 2, 2011 Medical Response to Joplin Tornado May 22, 2011 Background: A tornado cautioning was given by the National Weather Services on May 22, 2011 at 5:17 p. m. The tornado was evaluated an EF-5 with winds surpassing 200 mph.It ventured out from west to east along 32nd road cutting a way ? to 1 mile wide more than 13. 8 miles. The tornado eye was around 300 yards wide. Leniency St. Johns Hospital endured an immediate shot, introductory and optional, on the west exterior with length of around 45 seconds. There was an interruption as the eye went through the office. * 160 passings in the network came about because of this tempest. * 8000 structures were pulverized. 400 organizations wrecked, * 8 school structures decimated, * 18,000 vehicles devastated and * 4,500 occupations uprooted. When St.Johns endured the immediate shot from the tornado at first the generators were annihilated, the rooftop was decimated and the vast majority of which arrived in the parking areas and on other office gear. All correspondences was promptly lost. The office fire concealment sprinklers released and lines were broken. A few dividers and floors were harmed. Entryways were torn from their pivots, the entirety of the glass was extinguished of the structure with the exception of the high effect break safe glass in the mental ward, gas lines we

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CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Customer Behavior - Essay Example A wide yet intensive comprehension of buyers and their utilization designs are critical for an association to flourish in nature. Shopper conduct is a cooperation of different variables that influence the procedure of utilization, inside the buyer’s themselves and on the planet that they hail from. Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007 build up customer conduct as that conduct that shoppers present while scanning for, buying, assessing and discarding items which they think will fulfill their requirements (p3). Buyer conduct may contrast starting with one shopper then onto the next, starting with one second then onto the next and starting with one condition then onto the next. Shopper conduct depicts the thought processes and judgment that lie behind buying choices and the examples through which buying is . Likewise, it obviously clarifies the way that shoppers embrace before settling on purchasing choices. For this situation, the result of decision is the Huawei Ideos cell phone, and exam ination will utilize the Indifference Curve Theory a. This hypothesis was created by Alfred Marshall, and it portrays how buyers spend their pay on singular items in order to accomplish the best fulfillment level. Be that as it may, this examination is won't be restricted to the lack of concern bend idea. The other idea that helps in understanding the customer dynamic procedure is the Utility Theory which suggests that purchasers settle on buying choices thinking about the foreseen aftereffects of their choices, and in all actuality they are as balanced leaders with personal circumstance (Schiffman and Kanuk 2007, Zinkhan 1992). Howard thought of the principal shopper choice model in 1963 (Du Plessis, Rousseau Et al.1991) The Theory of Buyer Behavior. The model was upgraded further in 1969 by Howard and Sheth to get the ‘Theory of Buyer Behavior’ (or Howard and Sheth Model) (Howard and Sheth 1969). It gives â€Å"a complex consolidation of a wide scope of social, menta l and advertising impacts on purchaser choice into a predictable arrangement of information distribution† (Foxall 1990 p.10). The creators concern was in building up a comprehensive model that could be utilized to survey a wide scope of purchasing circumstances, and as such the term ‘buyer’ was more than ‘consumer’ so as not be forgotten about business buys (Loudon and Della Bitta, 1993). The Huawei Ideos cell phone is by Google. It is with numerous one of a kind highlighted, for example, 4.3 Mega pixels camera, web, wifi, makes a versatile wifi hotspot, long battery life, sync administrations and supports a wide scope of utilization. The cost of the telephone is about $95 and it was favored for the lower and center salary workers. NEED RECOGNITION At this stage, the client feels that he/she needs a cell phone because of its different advantages including calling, informing and internet providers it brings to the table. As indicated by the apathy bend approach, the shopper understands that he/she requires a given item dependent on its utility, which is the capacity of a decent or administration to satisfy a human need. Along these lines, the customer decides to buy the cell phone so as to fulfill calling, informing and web needs. The lack of concern bend idea utilizes the negligible utility idea which is an adjustment in utility emerging from an adjustment in utilization. In this manner, the consumer’s choice to purchase a telephone shows an expansion in benefit since the purchaser isn't placated with that the shopper is by and by utilizing and subsequently the decision of

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Finding the Best Bias Topics for Essay

Finding the Best Bias Topics for Essay Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. The essay isn't the simplest task to master. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it. Writing a superb persuasive essay is not an easy job, however, it's achievable. Alongside the topics, you'd discover loads of papers free of charge. If you decide on one of these topics, you are definitely going to succeed to pull the interest of your audience since they involve the latest discussion topics. Quite frequently, the very best topic is one which you truly care about, but you also will need to get ready to research it. The multiple topics might be found, for instance, in the dissertation abstracts international database. This assignment employs a rubric. Be attentive to the size it must be and begin writing the narrative essay outline. To begin writing your assignment you would want to run into an interesting and promising topic. Or, you may also recast the sentence and get rid of the pronoun reference completely. Pay close attention to all things electronic, and you will be certain to find something debatable of what you see. As soon as you allow gender to play a role in pay, you become part of the issue. When you're picking your topic, remember that it's much simpler to write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a good deal about it. In every nation, folks obey legal laws. No surprise, the essays from their hands are just an ideal mix of expertise and writing skills they've acquired within the field. Lastly, you may how to acquire academic papers published actively take part in the writing procedure and communicate with the writer on a normal basis. By way of example, in college, you might be requested to compose a paper from the opposing standpoint. Every paper is going to be done from scratch. Assignments provide ways to get academic papers published familiarity with tools like social media and library and data resources. Also a reporter who's writing an article on an important issue might just interview experts that support her or his view on the matter. The increasing number of essay writing services is totally overwhelming. If you would like to get high high quality research and thesis papers in time and for a fair price, you should probably try out using Media bias is justified media must choose the information and the news which they can report to the general public. It is the result of the large a number of media companies being owned by people of the same race origin. It plays an important and powerful part in America. With the increase in the press freedom, they is becoming more aggressive in collecting and presenting the information to the public. Media bias essay have to be approached well, you should guarantee you have proper evidences to support all the views that you've presented in the paper. Writing can have a lot of goals. Media bias is a typical bias of news gatherers. Conclusion Social bias is an immense part of international history. Bias is so typical in speech and writing that we often aren't even conscious of it. Should it have never been recognized or learned, then laws to prevent behaviors such as stoning others because of the race and burning others because of their religion has been implemented in. In the first case, it is avoided, but can creep in unintentionally. Gender bias can occasionally be difficult to spot and in some cases, even more difficult to purge. Let's look at 10 types of gender bias you might encounter in the workplace and that which you can do in order to prevent them. Two of specific interest are the objective to inform, and the aim to persuade.

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Principles of Utilitarianism and Libertarianism to Examine the Appropriateness of Online Education Free Essay Example, 2000 words

Education should contribute to the equality of all students from various backgrounds. Electronic learning promotes fairness in society as opposed to traditional classroom learning methods. Therefore, all students face equal treatment in the case of online learning since it does not segregate students according to their social status. Exercising this freedom will be possible only if all learners have access to education, and if it offered at an affordable price to all students (Sandel, 2007). However, it remains skeptical as to whether all scholars can be able to access online education to ensure fairness for all. The high cost of services and machines such as computers, which are necessary for learning influences of accessibility of online education. This will hinder the freedom of individuals to make choices regarding the best education system they would want. In a face-to-face learning system, students who come from rich families are the ones who can afford to attend those superio r learning institutions, which are equipped with all facilities necessary for effective learning (Bates, 2005). On the other hand, students from poor backgrounds cannot afford to attend such institutions. We will write a custom essay sample on Principles of Utilitarianism and Libertarianism to Examine the Appropriateness of Online Education or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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Literary Analysis Of The Outsiders - 1661 Words

The Outsiders Literary Analysis Is the American Dream fact ? Or Fiction ? In the novel The Outsiders, the author S.E Hinton explains the story of a young boy named Ponyboy and the struggle to survive, to find out the rights and wrongs in society, taking on difficult challenges like social class, loved ones, loyalty and rivalry between two different social classes . The question is brought up, is the American Dream fact ? Or fiction ? According to the knowledge that has been given, Through documentaries, articles and a novel. The American Dream is what you could describe as an allusion. The American dream â€Å"is a theory that every U.S citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work and†¦show more content†¦What would be the reaction of the upperclassmen ? The last piece of evidence is from the book The Outsiders Randy states on page 117 â€Å" You cant win, even if you whip us youll still be where you were before at the bottom and we will still be the lucky ones with all the breaks. So it do esnt do any good with all the fighting and the killing. It doesnt prove a thing.We will forget it if you win, or if you dont. Greaser’s will be greasers and Socs will still be Socs.† This just shows that when dealing with social class it is hard to get along with different social statuses which also makes it harder to move up the social ladder. And it also makes it harder to achieve the so called â€Å"American Dream .† Connecting to the poem Willow and Ginkgo, the whole poem is a metaphor about social class and status. Education, everybody needs it to gain the knowledge, it is something that we need for our every daily lives. â€Å"Education is the process of gaining knowledge about the world surrounding you† (According to Websters Dictionary. ) According to the article What is Social Class ? It conveys â€Å"Any Observer of American society would quickly and know that there are large variations in wealth, material possession, power and authority, and prestige in our society. They would also note differences in access to education, healthcare leisure. â€Å" According to theShow MoreRelatedLiterary Analysis : The Outsiders 2595 Words   |  11 PagesGina Cabano Eng-150 Whetstine Literary Analysis 05/04/15 Inside The Outsiders The Outsiders, a coming-of-age novel, written by S.E. Hinton who was a teenager at the time of writing is firmly based upon groups of teenagers divided amongst their social classes. The novel takes on the rival battles of the Socials and the Greasers. Susan Eloise Hinton as known as, S.E. Hinton was born July 22, 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had grown up as a voluntary tom boy in love with horses. Susan could not writeRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of The Outsiders1217 Words   |  5 PagesThe Same Sunset â€Å"Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset.† This is what Ponyboy thinks to himself as he was walking with Cherry after the movies. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the mid 1960’s. This story is all about Ponyboy growing up around the conflicts between two societies. All of the main characters face many conflicts, which are mainly about their social statuses, about the rich and about the poor. In the storyRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of The Outsiders1429 Words   |  6 Pagesthem to find resolutions to their own uncertainties concerning life. Many authors employ the literary technique realism to satiate these cravings. Today, there are some popular novels that attempt to imitate this, such as the coveted The Fault in Our Stars or Divergent. These selections, while widespread in the hands of young adult readers today, will not stand the test of time in the way that The Outsiders has, written by S. E. Hinton in 1967, has. This novel, both produced by and intended for teenagersRead MoreReflective Essay914 Words   |  4 Pagesthrough English class has come to a close. My path has been a smooth and enjoyable one, and it is with great sadness that I begin to gather up the ends of my literary education. I know that I will continue to grow and develop as a critical reader/thinker throughout my life, but I will miss the educational structure that has shaped my literary understanding for the last year. I consider my greatest strengths as a writer to be my insightfulness and creative slant with which I approach my work. IRead MoreMovie Review : Astray By Amy Christine Parker1488 Words   |  6 PagesNovel Evaluation: Astray Selection: I selected the novel Astray by Amy Christine Parker for our novel analysis. I decided to read Astray after reading the series’s first book, Gated. I first read Gated because it is on the 2015-16 SC YABA nominee list, and I wasn’t disappointed. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. When I saw Astray in the library, I really wanted to know what happened to all the characters, and if this sequel was as good as Gated, so I chose it. I wouldRead MoreThe Weaknesses Of Othello By William Shakespeare933 Words   |  4 Pagessignificantly, Othello’s violent actions are the result of his intense jealousy. In Shakespeare s play, jealousy’s conceited and suicidal attributes, which plants fear into the minds of those it affects, is remarkable according to Paul Dean. In Dean’s literary analysis on the jealous husbands of Shakespeare’s plays, he discusses how Shakespeare’s use of jealousy in Othello is arguably one of the mo st noteworthy examples ever written (Dean 246). In his final monologue, Othello briefly mentions jealousy. OthelloRead MoreEssay about flannery oconner: queen of irony1743 Words   |  7 Pages Flannery O’Connor: Queen of Irony The literary rebellion, known as realism, established itself in American writing as a direct response to the age of American romanticism’s sentimental and sensationalist prose. As the dominance of New England’s literary culture waned â€Å"a host of new writers appeared, among them Bret Harte, William Dean Howells, and Mark Twain, whose background and training, unlike those of the older generation they displaced, were middle-class and journalistic rather than genteelRead MoreStudent B As A Reader1392 Words   |  6 Pageswriting, but can be an hinderance when writing literary analysis. While Student B is highly motivated, her desire to complete things her way can lead her away from needed instruction. As part of the writing process, I conference with each student to go over their final grade and set goals for the ensuing assignment. Student A’s personal goal was to respond to the prompt and rubric with fidelity. I distributed copies of S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and Student B came back the following day havingRead MoreLiterary Analysis: How Meursault Is Indifferent in the Stranger, by Albert Camus874 Words   |  4 PagesLiterary analysis: How Meursault is indifferent in The Stranger, by Albert Camus Although Meursault is the title character and narrator of Albert Camus’ short novel The Stranger, he is also a somewhat flat character. His apparent indifferent demeanor may be a convenience to Camus, who mainly wanted to display his ideas of absurdism. And as a flat character, Meursault is not fully delineated: he lacks deep thought and significant change. His purpose is that of a first-person narrator whose actionsRead MorePsychoanalytic Criticism on Emily Dickinson Essay1086 Words   |  5 Pagesposition throughout their literary writings, as well as understanding whom the author was and how their mind created such works. When considering the work of Emily Dickinson, psychoanalytic criticism comes into play with the role of explaining the many meanings behind her poetry, as to make the reader relate to such poetry on a deeper level or not to who she was as a human being. Many critics believe that using a psychological criticism approach to understand an author’s literary work leaves common sense

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Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) Limited

Question: Discuss about the Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) Limited. Answer: Introduction For this paper, I would like to select Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) Limited as a non-financial company that is listed on ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). CCA is one of the biggest bottlers of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in the world. Along with this, CCA runs its business mainly in six countries Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa (CCA.2016). Moreover, the diversified portfolio of products of CCA takes in sports energy drinks, carbonated soft drinks, flavoured milk, spring water, coffee, tea, fruit juices, packaged ready-to-eat fruit vegetable, snacks, and so on. In addition to this, CCA distributes a number of sparkling and non alcoholic beverages such as: Coca-Cola, Sprite, Diet Coke, Bisleri, Nestea, etc. Along with this, this paper would be helpful to describe the three general areas of responsibility of the chief financial officer (CFO) of the firm. Responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer The chief financial officer (CFO) of a business firm is obliged to perform some important roles and responsibilities for the overall success and growth of the organization. The CFO also plays a critical role in order to accomplish the strategic as well as competitive goals and objectives of the organization in an effective and a more comprehensive manner (Bragg, 2011). Moreover, the three general areas of responsibility of the chief financial officer (CFO) of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited are described as below: Financial Planning Control: The chief financial officer of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited is responsible to do effective financial planning to make effective utilization of the available funds. In other words, it also can be said that, the CFO of Coca-Cola is fully responsible for all the financial activities of the organization. For case, the CFO of Coca-Cola plays a significant role in order to control the cash flow of the firm in an effective way. The CFO is responsible to use the cash or funds and to maintain the honesty of funds in a proper and an appropriate manner (Lapovsky and McKeown-Moak, 2010). Along with this, the CFO is also liable to pay the taxes and securities of the organization in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the firm. The chief financial officer also plays a critical role in order to establish accounting policies as well as procedures for credit collections, payment of bills, purchasing, and other financial obligations. On the other hand, the CEO of the organization also plays a significant role to raise the capital or funds of the firm in an effective way. Moreover, in order to raise capital, the CFO of the firm establishes and carries out programs for the provision of capital requisite by the business. For case, the CFO makes negotiation on the procurement of debt equity capital and also maintains the essential financial arrangements in an effective and an appropriate way (Ferguson, 2006). In addition to this, the CFO is also responsible to manage the long-range plans of the business, evaluate the financial requirements that are inherent in these plans, and to build up alternative ways by which financial necessities of the firm can be fulfilled. In this way, the CFO of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited is responsible to control and manage all the financial activities of the firm in an effective and a more comprehensive manner. Understand Mitigate Risk: The chief financial officer of Coca-Cola is also responsible to understand and reduce financial risks that are faced by the organization. This is also considered as a major area of concern to the CFO of the firm. Along with this, the CFO is obliged to have in-depth knowledge of the system of the firm in order to ferret out any risk that may occur in the financial areas of the organization. The CFO also develops risk mitigation strategies to save the company from financial risks effectively (Fabozzi, Drake and Polimeni, 2008). On the other hand, there are numerous risks that the CFO of Coca-Cola mitigates in an appropriate way. These risks are as below: Risk Related to Loss of Business Partners: The CFO reduces this type of risk by lining up different sources of supply and by thinning out sales to a wide range of customers (Dergel, 2014). Moreover, with the help of this, the CFO becomes able to retain the key supplier and customer of the firm in an effective way. Risk Linked to Loss of Brand Image: The CFO of the firm also plays a critical role in order to mitigate this type of risk in an effective way. Moreover, to reduce the risk, the CFO implements a strong focus on management, creates advanced strategies and also focuses on the brand quality in order to improve the brand image of business firm (Bragg, 2012). Risk Related to Commodity Price Changes: The CFO of the firm is also responsible to reduce the risk linked to the commodity price changes. Moreover, the CFO makes long-term fixed price contracts and also uses cost cutting methods to diminish the risk and to maintain the changes in the price of commodities effectively (Moeller, 2007). Foreign Exchange Risk: The CFO also plays a major role in order to mitigate foreign exchange risk. For case, in order to diminish this type of risk, the CFO makes out the size of foreign trading, identifies the potential losses and also implements hedging tactics in an appropriate way (Kasunic and Kasunic, 2009). Risk Linked to Contract Failures: The CFO also responsible to mitigate the risk associated with the contract failures. The CFO verifies the contents of all the existing contracts and also checks up new contracts in order to ensure that the firm is fulfilling all the terms and conditions of the contracts in an effective and a proper manner (Oakes and Galagan, 2011). Develop Accounting Financial Functions: The CFO of Coca Cola is fully responsible to develop accounting as well as financial functions in order to improve the overall financial performance of the firm in an effective and an appropriate manner. Along with this, the CFO of firm also creates an ongoing system of improvements within the accounting finance functions of the organization (Cannon, Bergmann and Pamplin, 2006). Moreover, the CFO understands the company business model to generate customer value and to perform all the accounting financial functions in order to improve the overall performance of the organization. The CFO of the firm also uses effective methods such as: dashboards, balanced scorecard, and financial statement ratio analysis to improve both the expected as well as actual financial performance of the organization. In addition to this, the CFO is also responsible to establish and keep up lines of communication with shareholders, investment bankers, and financial an alysts of the firm. On the other hand, to clean up the major accounting and financial functions, the CFO of Coca-Cola focuses on several goals (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, 2006). These goals are as below: Staff Improvements: The CFO is responsible to supervise the staff and departments of the firm. Moreover, the CFO designs methods, policies, and procedures to provide support to accounting and financial functions of the organization. Process Improvements: The CFO focuses on the accuracy of information to perform all the accounting financial functions accurately (Schneider and Scanlon, 2011). Moreover, the CFO of the firm obliged to management to use a simple data-mining tool to provide accurate financial information to the users. Organizational Improvements: The CFO is responsible to align the staff into a project-based team to perform accounting financial functions and to improve overall performance and effectiveness of the organization (Bragg, 2011). On the other hand, it should also be noted down that the above discussed responsibilities can have an effect on the ultimate objective of the company. These responsibilities will affect the goals and vital objective of the company in a positive way. The main reason behind it is that, the CFO of the firm is an important person that plays a critical role in the success and growth of the organization. Moreover, a firm faces a lot of difficulties in order to manage and invest its funds in an appropriate way. In this situation, the CFO of the firm executes an effective financial planning to manage the funds in a proper way (Lapovsky and McKeown-Moak, 2010). Also, the CFO has a close eye on all the financial transactions in order to control the cash flows of the firm effectively. Along with this, the CFO of the firm mitigates all the financial risks to improve the financial performance of the organization. The CFO focuses on the financial goals and objectives of the firm and also allocates funds in view of that. The CFO gives instructions and guidelines to the members of the firm, so they can perform all the accounting financial functions in an accurate way (Ferguson, 2006). Conclusion On the basis of the above discussion, it can be said that, the responsibilities performed by the CFO of the firm play an essential role to accomplish the ultimate goals and objective of the company in a specified time period. In this way, it can be assumed that, the CFO of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited plays a critical role for the success and growth of the firm. The Efficient Markets Hypothesis At present, the efficient markets hypothesis has become the central part of all the financial information. Moreover, the efficient markets hypothesis expresses that the prices of scurrilities always reflect the available financial information of business organizations. The hypothesis also affirms that the realà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ world financial markets like the U.S. bond as well as stock market are efficient in fact. On the other hand, the efficient market hypothesis reveals that all the financial information is represented in the course of the price (Brealey, Myers, Allen and Mohanty, 2012). Moreover, it should also be noted down that, if the efficient-market hypothesis is true and securities are priced well in that case fund manager must maintain a portfolio at the proper risk level for the patron. It is because of choosing a portfolio with a pin would not be able to provide customer satisfaction in an effective way. Also, any specific portfolio will not work within the satisfaction of customers. Along with this, it should also be noted down that, the efficient markets hypothesis does not stand to select a portfolio with a pin. The pension fund manager should not select a portfolio only on the basis of the efficient markets hypothesis. It is because of a large number of stocks in the similar industry are not enough diversified. For that reason, the pension fund manager must select well diversified portfolio to reduce risk and to increase returns on the investments in an effective and a more comprehensive manner (Graham and Dodd, 2008). In this way, the fund manager must focuses on the low level of risk and high level of returns before selecting a portfolio. On the other hand, it should also be noted down that, the efficient market hypothesis does not portray that selection of portfolio should be done with a pin. The manager must follow some important rules and policies in order to make a selection of portfolio effectively. First of all, the manager must make certain that the portfolio is well diversified. The manger should note down that a large number of stocks are not sufficient to make sure diversification of a portfolio. Furthermore, the fund manager must ensure that the risk level of the diversified portfolio is suitable for the patrons (Tyson, 2016). Also, the manager must modify the portfolio to take benefit of special tax laws to get high returns on the pension funds. Consequently, all these rules as well as policies would be helpful to increase the projected return on the portfolio. As a result, it can be assumed that if the efficient-market hypothesis is true, the pension fund manager might not choose a portfolio with a pin. The main reason behind it is that a portfolio with a pin would not be able to increase customer satisfaction level. Moreover, it would not be helpful to reduce the risk and to increase the returns on the investors. Hence, the pension fund manager must select a portfolio on the basis of appropriate level of risk and returns of the customers. References Bragg, S.M. (2011). The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual. UK: John Wiley Sons. Bragg, S.M. (2012). Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual: A Blueprint for Running an Effective and Efficient Department. Australia: John Wiley Sons. Brealey, R.A., Myers, S.C., Allen, F. and Mohanty, P. (2012). Principles of Corporate Finance. NY: Tata McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. Cannon, D.L., Bergmann, T. S. and Pamplin, B. (2006). CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide. UK: John Wiley Sons. CCA. (2016). About Us. Available At: [Accesses On: 25th August 2016] Dergel, S. (2014). 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